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Best Professional Marine Forecast Information

The National Weather Service (NOAA) and Atmospheric Sciences at UW provide surprisingly accurate forecasts in the Pacific NW. It's difficult to forecast weather here because of the complex terrain, but the latest techniques succeed far more often than people realize. This App goes behind the media hype and national summaries directly to high resolution (1.3 km) state-of-the-art local forecast sources.

Graphs Optimized for Salish Sea Boaters

Marine microclimate map Boaters want to focus on a special set of microclimates, confined to the water, scaled to fit a typical day's cruising and broken up into areas whose winds tend to differ. We also want to see the measured next to the forecast winds to validate the forecast and get a feeling for variability (the microclimates have microclimates).

Its in the Cloud

No pun intended, the Salish Sea Wx App taps into a cloud service that we developed to gather the information from various sources and prepare it for display on most browsers from desktops to smartphones.