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Line Graphs of Wind Forecasts

Several days of forecast winds for each marine microclimate plus a lead-in of the most recent reported winds at several stations close to or on the water. Line graph of forecast full size

Wind Grids by Microclimate

Every 3 hours, grids of wind barbs map wind direction over color-coded speeds. Grids also show exactly how each microclimate is shaped. Grid of forecast winds expanded

Forecast Discussion - Briefing by the Pros

Several times per day the NWS forecaster in Seattle prepares a description of the overall weather situation for the next week: highs, lows, fronts and special hazards. This includes the level of uncertainty in the forecast – sometimes the computer models are in good agreement and sometimes they are not. It's the context you will want as skipper for your planning and risk management responsibilities.

Pacific Weather Maps

Pacific forecast map full size Our weather generally moves in from the west, so these maps give you a look at what is coming at us for 1, 2 and 4 days ahead. The winds we experience on the water are a combination of these highs, lows and fronts modified by our complex terrain. These are the WeatherFax maps that have been prized for many years by offshore mariners.